New Poems


 For twenty years now

I’ve been trying to become a Mainer.

Driving a truck –

a red truck. Eating

fiddleheads, come spring, if

spring ever comes.

 I have seen presidents elected and

disappear. By the way – who the hell was George W.?

Think: America

Think: Liberty.

Freedom. And Opportunity.

And Trail of Tears. Think: state sponsored

White Supremacy. Can we hope, that’s history? Yes, we…

Well, let’s do so


Now, think again. Think of

the first steps on the moon

in peace for all mankind

Think also: Hiroshima, Nagasaki

No surgical strikes necessary.

Think of American planes, later –

The Berlin Air Lift

No more Flying Fortresses

in the sky of my home town

Just Candy Bombers.

For twenty years

I’ve been trying to become a Mainer.

Driving that truck Loving

nay-cha and wah-tah. Still,

Some call me from away.

Even: Alien. However legal.

Nobody says Old Europe

anymore. Reconfigure key moments of your life

by using our new and unique software Memory Toss.

Think of an event or two and push the button

we do the rest.

Consider our region’s

livelihood in this era of

Cold Peace and economic crisis: A closing

airbase. A shipyard



For the next hot episode?

Find answers to your questions

Jumpstart your mind to a Great


I get these calendars every year

from my friend Bill. Up the coast, near Machias

he lives in

a Mongolian yurt

built of Maine pine. He once gave me

a wooden African spoon

Maine maple, I suppose. Or birch?

Crafted with a crooked knife from Alaska (was it: Nepal?)

Bill carves cereal bowls

the Tibetan way. Make that: Maori.

He brings things

together. Practices globalization

with a human face.

Teaches: Nothing is too small or

insignificant to be

well designed. Think

about it.

His calendars show

the beauty of simple living in

Peru Lapland Maine.

Who needs more

skyscrapers when the banks

are crashing.

The calendar for this year reminds me

Reuse in 2015.

Wait a minute – the Maya timeline predicts

doomsday for twenty – twelve. So –

can we

reuse Bill’s calendar in

2015 A.D.? Yes, we… Yes we can!

So – Who is WE? Maine? America? Think again.

Try: The world. For a change.




Käppchen und der Förster wer

zählt den Wald

vorlauter Bäume


Grün und doch

lang die Chaussee und groß

Mutter was hast du

für falsche Zähne


Kuchen und rotWein

(oder grüner Veltliner)

da schweigt des Kenners




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